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Why Paraphrasing Is Important

Students across the education spectrum have to craft academic documents. Every scholar is required to write several essays as they do their studies. At this juncture, it would be best to point out that not only the students undertaking literature-based courses have to write these kinds of documents. Students undergoing arithmetic based courses get to write essays too.

Whenever students are given these writing tasks, they must do lots of research to get their hands on the needed relevant input material. The most common place where these students look for this input material is texts written by other writers.

As much as that may be the norm, it is essential to point out that students are not allowed to copy from any writers when it comes to academic writing. Plagiarism is something that can cause a lot of damage to a student’s graduation ambitions/dreams. This is where paraphrasing comes in handy.

It would be best to understand that paraphrasing involves rewriting material in different words while still keeping the meaning of the original text. It is now clear that paraphrasing is very important to college students as it enables them to borrow information from different sources, include it in their academic papers, and still maintain their originality. To add to this point, let us take a look at some of the instances where paraphrasing is beneficial to college students;

  1. When sourcing information for their papers – as mentioned above, a lot of research is required when students are writing their essays and research papers in college. The creation of academic documents usually requires these students to get this information from already published articles, making it the author's legal property. Even though these students have no other choice than to use this information, they must be authentic by their teachers. Remember, college professors strictly prohibit plagiarism. Therefore, for these students to use this foreign material in their papers legally, the need to paraphrase it. It enables them to use their own words but still portray the original meaning conveyed in the source texts.
  2. When you need to use direct quotes by someone else – understand that you will sometimes find that using direct quotes by someone else in your article will help bring out your paper's message. However, where you do not want to reference the author in your document, paraphrase the said phrase, and you are good to go.
  3. Paraphrasing involves rewriting the source material differently without necessarily losing its meaning to show a clear understanding of the source materials. This calls for the student to carefully read the source text carefully, understand its meaning, and then rewrite it in their own words. The ability to paraphrase correctly shows that the writer has properly understood the material they are reading, which helps them craft a quality academic document.

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