English Education Essays The term of formal education usually relates to the designed educational system which is supplied by the state for its citizens.

As well known, education has a long-lasting influence on our faculty of consciousness and physical abilities therefore it has a great effect on our future and ask about essay on sterotypes . We need education to have long-term change in our behaviors and to improve our understanding and developing our abilities.

However, the process of teaching, learning, and training in schools enlarges one’s horizon and provide a better way of understanding of the earth around him or her.

В When we look at it from a broader scale, it is an complete necessity for economic and social successВ  of any nation. From this point of view, education is a ladder that can be used to climb out of poverty, exclusion, and illiteracy.

The significance of education is stressed through the words of US president Barack Obama, when he stated, В«In an economy where knowledge is the most valuable commodity a person and a country have to offer, the best jobs will go to best educated people wherever they liveВ». В  With his observation, we can clearly understand the necessity of education in getting a good job and having a victorious career.

In addition to this, formal education teaches students about human diversity and recognition of the similarities and interdependence of all people.

With formal education, people become more sociable and interactive. In the meanwhile, this attribute helpsВ  students socialization process by giving them chance to prove themselves as people. To sum up, both formal education and informal education have a great importance in our lives since it is what a person needs for survival in this world. We need education as we need water and air

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