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Steps to Follow When Paraphrasing

As a college student, it is no secret that you have written hundreds of academic documents before you got to this point in your education journey and ask about essays about stereotyping. Therefore, you understand that while researching for every paper you create in school is essential, it is virtually impossible to come up with your data. You have to use information borrowed from other writers. Remember, most of the material you will use in your articles will be borrowed from other sources.

The most common places where students usually borrow input material is published materials. These texts can either be found online or in the library. However, no matter the area you found the book when you decide to use some of its data in your writing, you are required to cite the write or fail to use it. It is also important to remember that using other people’s material without citation is illegal in terms of the law. The school also requires its students to be 100% original whenever they are tackling their writing assignments.

You can now see why most students face a problem when it comes to these issues. They have no choice but to incorporate other authors’ material but still have to ensure that their documents are authentic. To carter to this issue, paraphrasing skills are employed. When paraphrasing, students can incorporate the borrowed information; however, they have to use different wording, but the text’s content remains the same. This enables the students to use materials from various sources but still maintain the originality of the paper. Let us look at the steps one should take to paraphrase texts successively;

  1. Carefully peruse the text you need to paraphrase – this is important as it helps you correctly understand the message embedded in the given text. Remember, you do not need to read it only one time. You can peruse the text for as many times as it takes for you to grasp what it is talking about entirely.
  2. Have a dictionary at hand – having a dictionary at hand is crucial as it will help you quickly look up some of the words in the text that you are not familiar with. Remember, the goal is to understand the message of the text properly. Therefore, ensuring that you understand every word is essential.
  3. Verbally summarize the given text – after ensuring that you understand what the text is talking about, you should now try and verbally summarize what you have understood from the top of your head. Keep in mind that you do not need to use complex words. The simpler the words you use, the better. After you are done with the verbal summary, you can now put it down on paper.
  4. Revisit the original text – you then need to visit the original text and ensure that all the information presented there is reflected in your summary. The last thing you need to do after ensuring that all the information is present is to write down the source’s details for future reference.

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